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Uh hi (chew) I just got a missed call (chew) from this number

Posted in Uncategorized on June 4, 2012 by piousphonegirl

Or, “How to look grossly unprofessional before a job interview.”

The following is a tidbit of advice for anyone who possesses a mobile phone. So in effect: EVERYONE!

DO NOT call back every missed call you get on your damned device!!!!! As a Pious Phone girl, I can tell you, it’s completely annoying. “Uh, hi. I just got a missed call from this number.” Or, the English-is-not-my-first-language response: “You call me?”

First of all, you have to identify yourself FOR ME TO KNOW IF I CALLED YOU. Should be obvious, but no. So often, it is not.

But probably more important: If you’ve applying for positions, don’t just call back any missed call on your phone. Listen to your voicemail so you don’t sound like a total idiot calling back the company (with gum in your mouth) that just tried to reach you for an interview. Feeling slightly more Pious today than most days, I just let the Rocket Scientist who pulled the aforementioned blunder with me flounder. If she doesn’t check her voicemail, oh well. The position we’re currently hiring for is a high-paying, complex service position that needs an efficient, diligent professional who pays attention to detail. Obviously she’s not one of them.

In addition to being totally annoying.


Oh. My. God.

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Okay this has nothing to do with the professional work environment, but it’s another huge peeve with me:  irresponsible parents with rotten children.  Restaurants are not play areas. Keep your little monsters seated and quiet. Airports are not play areas. Grocery stores are not play areas. Only play areas are play areas.

This morning I got a complete flabbergasting care of the Associated Press. These stupid poeple actually left their child in a cab.  How farking stupid and IRRESPONSIBLE can you be?

By BOB SALSBERG, Associated Press Writer Bob Salsberg, Associated Press Writer – Tue Jul 28, 4:40 pm ET

BOSTON – A family picked up by a taxi at the airport left a sleeping 5-year-old child behind in the back of the minivan — and the cabbie almost took the blame for it.

“They paid me, thank you very much, everything was nice, and I left,” Joseph Cohen, a taxi driver for 39 years said.

Minutes later, Cohen got a call from the cab pool at the airport. State police, who have jurisdiction over Logan, were looking for him.

He was told the family left a child in his cab.

“I said, ‘What?’ So I looked in the back and I see the baby sleeping. I said, ‘What should I do?’ So you know, I take the baby (back) to the family,” he said. “The father came out. He was very happy.”

He even gave him a $50 tip.

The following day, Cohen was ordered to report to the Hackney unit, where police told him his license was being suspended for three days because he didn’t do a thorough check of the van. He appealed the suspension and was allowed to keep his license pending a hearing. On Tuesday, he visited the police station with an attorney and learned he would only get a warning.

The cabbies’ union expressed outrage at the proposed suspension, saying the fault should lie with the child’s family, not the driver.

“I think the sad piece here is that the police are not recognizing the responsibility of the adults,” said Donna Blythe-Shaw, a staff representative for the United Steelworkers Boston Taxi Drivers Association, “and are now saying this driver also has to be responsible for passengers who forget their children…” 

SAY WHAT??????? 

You’ve got to be sh*tting me.

The Warranty On Your Vehicle is About To Expire

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Are you like me? Does it annoy the -shit- out of you to pick up your phone and hear some snotty voice berating you with this warning?

Yes? Then GOOD NEWS! Announced today, May 14, 2009 :

FTC Files Suit to Stop Illegal Robocalls Pushing Vehicle “Warranty” Extensions

Companies Charged With Making Hundreds of Millions of Deceptive Calls to Consumers

The Federal Trade Commission is asking a federal court to shut down a telemarketing campaign that has been bombarding U.S. consumers with hundreds of millions of allegedly deceptive “robocalls” in an effort to sell them vehicle service contracts under the guise that they are extensions of original vehicle warranties.

In two related complaints filed in federal court, the Commission took action against both the promoter of the phony extended auto warranties, as well as the telemarketing company that it hired to carry out its illegal, deceptive campaign. In its complaints, the agency contends that the companies are operating a massive telemarketing scheme that uses random, pre-recorded phone calls to deceive consumers into thinking that their vehicle’s warranty is about to expire. Consumers who respond to the robocalls are pressured to purchase extended service contracts for their vehicles, which the telemarketers falsely portray as an extension of the manufacturer’s original warranty.

“This is one of the most aggressive telemarketing schemes the FTC has ever encountered,” said FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz. “I’m not sure which is worse, the abusive telemarketing tactics of these companies, or the way they try to deceive people once they get them on the phone. Either way, we intend to shut them down.”

Additionally, I read somewhere the FTC is outlawing all recorded sales pitches on September 1, 2009, but I cannot find the information now. If anyone knows, please comment.

You can further protect yourself by submitting your phone numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry.

The National Do Not Call Registry is open for business, putting consumers in charge of the telemarketing calls they get at home. The Federal government created the national registry to make it easier and more efficient for you to stop getting telemarketing calls you don’t want. You can register online at WWW.DONOTCALL.GOV or call toll-free, 1-888-382-1222 (TTY 1-866-290-4236), from the number you wish to register. Registration is free.

Alas, you must be calling FROM the phone for which number you wish to register. Not a problem for most, but Pious Phone Girl receives forwarded calls from the company’s old phone number, and therefore cannot get it removed.  😦

Beware the Toner Phoner

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This is a topic near and dear to my heart.

I. Hate. These. Crooks.

I hope that through this blog, you and I can put these people out of business. Having been a professional receptionist for many years, I’ve had a lot of experience with the Toner Phoners. The script has morphed over the years, but the call will typically start something like this:

“Hi I’m calling with the service center. We’re about to send out the new manual on the copier and we just need to verify the model number.”

If you provide the model number, you’re soon to receive third-rate, recycled, probably damaged toners at an outrageous price. Use of these toners might damage your machine! You might not receive anything at all (except a bill). The best thing you can do is hang up on these people.

If you’re not sure and don’t want to hang up on what might be a legitimate call, ask them a question. “What account number are you calling on?” “What was your name?” “Which service center is this?” I promise you, they’ll hang up on you if you question them. 

Or, you can do like I do and have a little fun. “Hang on just a minute, I’ll get that.” (Try to refrain from using the word “yes” with them in your conversation. Call me paranoid if you will, but these people are crooks.)

Come back on the line a minute later. “Sorry to keep you on hold. I’ll be right back with that.”

My record for keeping them dangling is 4 minutes.

If you’re at all concerned about being able to identify a corrput call, consult the company you lease or buy your copier machines through. Also, talk to your supervisor. If you’re afraid of offending someone who might be a legitimate caller, just be polite. After all, stooping to their level only makes you look bad. You’ll be safe with a “I’ll have to consult my supervisor before I can give out that kind of information.” I guarantee they’ll hang up before you can finish.

Bottom line: Never give out that model number.