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How to tell a crappy salesman

Posted in How not to be an unprofessional on May 15, 2013 by piousphonegirl

Today I’m talking about voice mails. I’ve encountered many companies like mine who don’t give out names or contact information from the front desk, so I’m assuming you have encountered them too. I’m extremely lucky in that I have a specially tailored voice mail box to dump–er, I mean connect these callers into to leave their vitally important sales pitch in, and provide them with vital information about bidding to our company.  It goes a little something like this:


“…You may leave a message here for any member of COMPANY’s executive team. Additionally, you may leave information in this voice mail box for any office at COMPANY for which you do not have a current contact name. Please specify your service or commodity, and the reason for your call.”


So, how to tell the dorks? They state their name and their phone number, and request a call back. The dumbest ones say things like “I’d like to hear back from you TODAY.” (Seriously.) But don’t state why they’re calling. As if the president of the company is going to return a blind call from someone who sounds like a prison call center marketer because he says I want to hear from you today.


How to tell they are REALLY just garbage callers? Still saying nothing about the actual reason for their call (because there really is nothing valid to say) they repeat their  phone number. As if we couldn’t just replay the message to get it. DUH!


Anyone who repeats their name or phone number twice in a voicemail message is a total dork.


Bad First Impressions. Don’t Make Them.

Posted in How not to be an unprofessional on July 15, 2009 by piousphonegirl

You’d think this would be simple. Advice I don’t need to give.

Again, I ask you: Is it the lackadaisical slovenliness of today’s spoiled “it’s all about me” youth? The brattiness of our recent generation of, “what do you mean I’m not perfect” and “spanking will harm his mental growth” offspring?

And again, I remind you that I wear two hats at this company, and I am the contact who deals with all issues company photocopier. So just because I’m sitting here at the front desk watching you be a jerk doesn’t mean it’s not going to have repercussions. And even if your commodity it isn’t my responsibility, be enough of an ass and I’m going to share it with the person whose it is. It will be my pleasure to share your assiness.

So back to the subject of todays flabbergasting of Pious Phone Girl: I sit here stunned as a copier salesman from Caltronics –yes, that’s me naming names– pull his car up ass-crooked across TWO of the three handicapped spots directly in front of our doors (and gigantic glass windows) leave his door standing wide open with rock music pouring out, and attempt to make a cold call.

I ask you, is this a good first impression?

He further makes himself look like an ass by explaining to me, as I’m standing in the door that I had to open for him because we have since locked our doors (you must have an appointment to set foot in here, folks) that he is in the neighborhood because of his account down the street at I’ve-already-forgotten the company name. Honestly, I don’t give a heaping pile of doody who your other customers are. I’m not impressed.

And he walks in with nothing: no brochure, no card, no pricing info. Nada. Has to dig like a goober to find a business card.

My only regret in chucking his business card STRAIGHT into the trash is for the tree that gave up its beauty to print the sucker.

Lesson 1: Introducing yourself

Posted in How not to be an unprofessional on September 18, 2008 by piousphonegirl

Don’t make introductory cold calls on your cell phone.

Why? Because unless you spent good money on your earpiece, and maybe even if you did, you sound like you’re calling from the Black Forest in a thunderstorm while driving through a tunnel.

I understand most young sales people are soooo busy, on the road all the time and need their Starbuck’s time, but if you want to make a good impression on a new prospective client, make sure you sound clear. Because the last thing anyone wants is to get a call from someone who has a crackly connection, (you probably shout, too) to have you talk over them constantly because there’s a 2-second delay in your responses (and then have you say “pardon?” “pardon?” “say again?”) or not be able to hear the first word of every sentence because your microphone didn’t pick it up.