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Irksome E-mail

Posted in Email Etiquette on February 5, 2009 by piousphonegirl

I’m writing today to share a peeve.¬†

Every company has one. That otherwise friendly, good-natured, hard-working lad or lass that responds to EVERY email with a “Thanks.” One word. No matter how simple or magnificent the task or comment you offered them.

What does your in-box look like? What does your daily schedule look like? Are you insanely busy? Are you like me, now doing the job of three people because two others got laid off? Does your inbox stretch off the screen, causing you to scroll?

Would you prefer that issue, task, or conversation end with the last pertinent fact? Or do you want to have to open yet another email? “Thanks.”

I try to get my point across subtly and gently by adding a last response of my own. “You’re welcome.”

I appreciate your appreciation, really, but I’m busy enough. Stop the one word email.