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Don’t be snotty to the Receptionist

Posted in Are You Out Of Your Mind? on December 9, 2008 by piousphonegirl

Others will hear about it. Probably the person you’d least want to hear about it: your contact at the company.

Of course I’m talking about vendors, because as everyone knows, customers have the right to get as snotty as they want. But that’s another story.

No, today I’m blogging to you about “Lori,” who walked in to my lobby and pressed the question three times, “Well, is there someone in your procurement department I can speak to,” despite the fact I told her “We don’t give out names. If you’d like to intruduce your company, we ask that you provide information about your services first.”

“Well I’ve already done that. I emailed through your website,” (which she didn’t, because I’m not making this up about our company, folks. We’re privately held. We don’t give out names, and we certainly don’t list our employees’ emails on our website.)

As she hands me her business card, I advise “Lori” that she should submit bid information. I know things are tough out there right now, but honestly, dropping a business card on the front desk is not going to get you a call back.

“Well I’ve already done that and nobody has called me back.  That’s why I got in my car and drove here all the way from (where rude sales women come from) Who can I follow up with?”

Now, all along, despite her repeated fishing for a name, I’m trying to be polite and let her know that I can’t give 0ut the name, and if the appropriate person has no need for her commodity, she might not get a call back. I’m thinking to myself, I don’t really give a shit how far you drove, and that’s your fault for being stupid. Why would you drive here if you don’t have an appointment?Regardless, don’t stand there and make it sound like it’s our fault you had to go through all this trouble, and we should apologize to you or at least just do what you want and get someone out here to listen to your crappy bid.

“Well I’ve submitted my information and nobody has called me back. (Get a clue!) That’s really inconsiderate. The least someone could do is give me the courtesy of a reply.”

At this point, I go silent and stare. Anyone who reads the news and knows the unemployment rate is up higher than it’s been in five years and the economy sucks toilet bowl water should know that pickins are slim and one person now does the job of two or three.  Our employees are so busy they can’t see straight, and she wants the-courtesy-of- a-reply.

So sorry, I want to go home before midnight.