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Lesson 1: Introducing yourself

Posted in How not to be an unprofessional on September 18, 2008 by piousphonegirl

Don’t make introductory cold calls on your cell phone.

Why? Because unless you spent good money on your earpiece, and maybe even if you did, you sound like you’re calling from the Black Forest in a thunderstorm while driving through a tunnel.

I understand most young sales people are soooo busy, on the road all the time and need their Starbuck’s time, but if you want to make a good impression on a new prospective client, make sure you sound clear. Because the last thing anyone wants is to get a call from someone who has a crackly connection, (you probably shout, too) to have you talk over them constantly because there’s a 2-second delay in your responses (and then have you say “pardon?” “pardon?” “say again?”) or not be able to hear the first word of every sentence because your microphone didn’t pick it up.