Outrageous self importance

That’s what I want to ask some of these people who walk through my front door. In my overall view that professionalism is a thing of the past, something that really baffles me is the level of self importance some of these salespeople place on themselves. I mean, is it just the younger people of the “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME” generation now entering the workforce?

Take the real estate agent who just walked in, wanting to talk to our facilities manager. He hands me a flyer “but this isn’t the property I’m representing” and wants to know who the facilities manager is. Keeping in policy of not giving out names, I assure the real estate sales man I will hand his flyer to said facilities manager.  “Okay, if he could give me a call, I’d really appreciate it.”

At this point I let him know, we aren’t looking to move, and most probably, he isn’t going to return your call as we aren’t looking for information on new properties. Now this is typically more information than I generally give, as I don’t give a crap what he walks out of here thinking and I don’t like to waste my breath.  Leave your crap and go away, I’m busy.

And honest to Pete, why the hell my manager going to call you back about something he couldn’t care less about? Because even though he has ALL the free time in the world and isn’t COMPLETELY overworked…

So said real estate sales person goes on to say he’d really like to hear from him so he can add him to a newsletter distribution list.  Now I clear my throat to hide the snicker fighting its way out of me. Yeah. My manager definitely wants that.

Are you out of your mind?


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